Introduction to Azure Blockchain Services + Azure Logic Apps

I recently published a blog post on Serverless360 that discusses how to setup a simple consortium blockchain in Azure and then both publish and  subscribe messages using Azure Logic Apps. I definitely had some head scratching moments while putting it together so hopefully it will help people who are interested in connecting Azure Logic Apps and Azure Blockchain Services together. Below is part of the post, feel free to access the entire article here.

Blockchain continues to be one of those mysterious technologies that are marred in controversy. There are several different camps with their own perspectives. We have those who feel it is truly a transformational technology due to its trust-building characteristics and its ability to embed transparency in every single transaction. We have some people, like Warren Buffett, in the middle of this spectrum who feels blockchain technology is important, but that cryptocurrency has no value at all. In addition, we have sceptics that claim blockchain is too slow to have any material impact on the industry. For example, credit cards and other traditional transaction processing systems can handle tens of thousands of transactions per second vs 3-7 transactions per second on the Bitcoin blockchain and about 15 transactions per second on the Ethereum blockchain.  Lastly, we have the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, which have projects that are based-upon blockchain variant implementations.

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