New Udemy Course: 10 Tips for Building Effective Flows

**Discount Code Available at end of Post**

Back in early August, I created my first Udemy course called Microsoft Flow vs Azure Logic Apps, which tool is right for me? So far the course has been well-received and I appreciate all of you who have taken the course and provided feedback. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to build another course. This time, I teamed up with Jon Levesque to bring you 10 Tips for Building Effective Flows.

Jon and I have co-presented at several events in the past including Ignite, Business Application Summit, Ready and Microsoft Build in addition to recording several YouTube videos like Hot Dog/Not Hot Dog, Automating Your Customer Service and Dude Where’s My Car to name a few. Jon was recently visiting Calgary so we took an opportunity to record some segments for the course.

The outcome is we have a course that helps beginners learn some essential tips that will make them more productive, their flows will become more maintainable and more reliable. The tips that we are including are:

  1. Copy to my Clipboard
  2. Scopes
  3. Configure Run After
  4. Test Flows
  5. Flow Checker
  6. Name and Rename
  7. Sharing with Security Groups
  8. Send a Copy
  10. Switch Statements

Within each lecture we will show you how you can uses these tips, but more importantly we will share WHY you should be using them.

For those of you who may be further along on your flow journey, this course may not be for you. But, stay tuned! We are actively working on an Advanced Tips course which should be a better fit.

To show our appreciation for checking out this blogpost, we have a 30% discount code for you that will get you this course for $13.99 USD



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