Mock Testing Azure Logic Apps/Power Automate Using Static Results

Testing your Azure Logic App or Power Automate Flow is naturally a good idea. In some circumstances you may need to proceed with your build activities before your endpoint is available. In other situations you may want to ensure that you capture what your functioning workflow *should* look like. For example, you build and test your work flow and then you capture the outputs from a working execution and store it as static results. You can then toggle using these static results when you want to validate your workflow or call the runtime endpoints.

There may also be situations where you don’t actually want to send data to a system because it may create data conflicts that would need to be rolled back. For example, you may not want to flood your Test CRM system with a lot of “garbage” records. Once you have validated that your workflow executes properly, you can then just enable static results that will mock that action.


In 2019, Microsoft released the Static Results features to address these and other requirements. I have recorded a walkthrough on YouTube that describes this feature in more details. While this walkthrough was recorded using Azure Logic Apps, The Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) team has implemented this feature as well.

Mock Testing Azure Logic Apps/Power Automate Flows using Static Results

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