Extending RPA to Chatbots using Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate – UI Flows (Video)

In my last video we discussed how we can connect Power Virtual Agents to ServiceNow using Power Automate. In this video, we are going to enhance our chatbot to communicate with UI Flows, Microsoft’s RPA capability that is now found in Power Automate.

Our scenario is that we have a legacy timesheet application that requires us to be on the corporate intranet in order to fill in our timesheet. But, since we have UI Flows available to us, we can just provide our time entry details to the bot and UI Flows will take care of inputting that information into our timesheet application.

Our architecture includes creating a flow that exposes an HTTP Trigger. We will then retrieve details about the person submitting the timesheet by looking up their details in Graph based upon the Authorization token that is provided from Power Virtual Agents. We will subsequently call a UI  Flow where our data will be inputted into the timesheet application. From there we will return our status back to the bot conversation so that our user knows that their timesheet has been successfully saved.

Connecting Power Virtual Agents to Power Automate - UI Flows

I have made a recording of this scenario which you can find on YouTube. Don’t forget to ‘Like and Subscribe’. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Extending RPA to Chatbots using Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate – UI Flows (Video)

  1. Hi Ken, this is a great video. I am going to try this next. Your explanation is so detailed with plenty of great information as well. Thank you!

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