Calling Graph Reports API Using Power Automate

Microsoft provides an out-of-box Power BI report for organizations looking to gain an understanding of their Microsoft 365 usage. While these reports are extremely useful, you have less control over the underlying data model and the data is based upon monthly usage for the past 12 months.

There may be situations when you want more timely access to data and want to persist it for more than 12 months. The Microsoft Graph Reports API exists that allows developers to access organizational-level data for the past 7y/30/90/180 days. Because you have direct access to this data, you can store this information in your own data store, such as CDS or Azure SQL. In the following video, I am going to discuss how  we can access underlying M365 consumption data. A key aspect of getting this to work is creating the underlying authentication configurations. In this video, I go through this in a lot of detail.

Check out the following video on my YouTube channel for more details. If you haven’t done so, please go ahead and like and subscribe.


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