Building a Power Virtual Agents Productivity BOT – Part 1 Get My Meetings Video

Power Virtual Agents (PVA) provides a way to democratize access to building conversational BOTs. With the amount of information that exists today in the enterprise, I thought it would be a good experiment to try and bring all of this information to a user by issuing simple commands through a BOT. My plan is to come up with a 3-part series that demonstrates how to bring Meeting data, Planner data and important Emails data into our BOT.

Within our architecture, a BOT has been created that will communicate with Power Automate over the Power Virtual Agents Trigger. From there, we will call the Microsoft Graph API, perform some data manipulation and then return our result back to the BOT. For this particular post/video we are going to return Meeting information. In subsequent videos, we will focus on important emails and Planner tasks.

017 - Building a Power Virtual Agent Productivity BOT - Part 1 Get My Meetings (1)

Please check out the following YouTube video where I discuss this scenario in more detail.


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