Building a Power Virtual Agents Productivity BOT – Part 3 Get My Important Emails Video

This video is a continuation of previous videos including Part 1 and Part 2 where we built a Power Virtual Agents Productivity BOT. Our BOT currently focuses on retrieving a person’s meetings and their upcoming Planner tasks by making calls through the Microsoft Graph API. In this video we are are going to expand on our BOT, but this time are going to add retrieving important emails from their Office 365 inbox.

Within our architecture, a BOT has been created that will communicate with Power Automate over the Power Virtual Agents Trigger. From there, we will call the Microsoft Graph API, perform some data manipulation and then return our result back to the BOT. For this particular post/video we are going to return important emails, but we will also discuss techniques for using Markdown so that we can return formatted data to our end user. We will also discuss some important information on Graph filtering requirements and avoiding InefficientFilter errors.

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