Tracking Training Using PowerPoint, Microsoft Forms and Power Automate

A former colleague recently reached out to me wanting to know how to have a flow kick off once someone had completed training hosted in a PowerPoint deck. He was asking if he could include a button that someone could press. Initially, I was thinking that it needs to be an authenticated session and while you could add a PowerPoint button/link onto a slide deck, it won’t pick up their credentials/user context. I was thinking “if only I could embed a flow button inside of this deck”.

After a web search, I learned of a new Forms add-in that can be used to host our form. Since we can enforce a user to sign-in to submit a form, this would work. Naturally, we can have a flow that is listening for form submissions which allows us to send this data to SharePoint for long-term storage and the ability to place a Power BI dashboard on-top (if we wish). In addition, we can send a confirmation email to the user who submitted the form. Yes, Microsoft forms will allow you to do some of these features in-product, but having a flow respond to requests provides for additional agility/use cases.

We can find the Microsoft Forms integration inside of PowerPoint by navigating to the Insert – > Forms. At this point we have the ability to embed an existing form or create a new one.


While the solution is simple, it is a powerful solution for people looking to build a DYI – LMS (Learning Management System). We will embed a form inside of Power Point and then when the form is submitted, the data will get send to Power Automate where it will orchestrate updating SharePoint and sending an email.


For more details, please check out my video on YouTube – and don’t forget to ‘Like and Subscribe’.


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