Subscribing to ServiceNow Events using Power Automate

I have blogged/recorded content in the past on how to connect to ServiceNow using Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) and Azure Logic Apps. In this blog post/video, we are going to discuss how we can communicate from ServiceNow to Power Automate.

You will quickly discover, when trying to automate/integrate Power Automate and ServiceNow, there are no triggers for ServiceNow, only actions. This leaves us with a couple options when trying to retrieve data from ServiceNow:

  • Implement a recurrence (scheduled) trigger and poll for data every ‘x’ minutes. While this method may work in some scenarios, it may not be the most efficient approach. This is a really important consideration if you have limited flow run entitlement (Power Automate) or pay per action (Azure Logic Apps).
  • Use ServiceNow Business Events that can call a REST endpoint whenever a specific event is raised (Incident record created).

In the following video, we are going focus on Business Events as it is a more efficient pattern to implement and call our Power Automate endpoint only when required. Whenever a new incident is created, we will detect to see if the assignment group is equal to “Risk Management”, if it is we will call our Power Automate trigger where we will apply some logic. Depending upon our logic we will then reach out to our ‘Risk Management’ group over Microsoft Teams.


To see all of this in action, please check out the video on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to ‘Like and Subscribe’


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