Building a Power Automate Organizational Template Gallery

Templates are a popular feature in Power Automate. They are a great learning tool where makers can browse from a wide variety of samples and choose to implement a template that meets their needs. While this feature is very popular, something that people have been asking for is an Organizational Template Gallery, that allows them to post templates that can be re-used, but are only available to people in their company.

There is a feature called Send a copy that allows you to send a copy of your flow to another recipient. It works by sending them a link that they can click which will allow them to provision a copy of your flow. I have used this feature many times, but what I recently realized was that whenever this occurs, the flow will also appear in a special tab within the Templates feature called Shared with me. So how does this make it an organizational-wide template.? When you use the Send a copy feature, it also allows you to provide an Office 365 group as the destination recipient. By sharing with this group, everyone in that group will now have access to implement that flow. Naturally, you can include as many people in that group as required.

A great use case for this feature is including a standard template that includes common exception/logging actions that should be used whenever someone needs to create a new flow.


To see this in action, please check out the following video on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to ‘Like and Subscribe’.


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