Logging Salesforce Cases Using Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate

Whenever you build a chat bot experience, a goal should be to provide a self-service experience so that customers can address their own questions without involving other people. However, it may not always be practical to solve all of those problems. In some situations, you may want to transfer the customer enquiry to a live agent and in some cases you may just want to log the request in a customer support system like Dynamics 365, ServiceNow or Salesforce.

In the following scenario, we will expose the ability to create a support case in Salesforce and link it back to an account from a Power Virtual Agent chat bot. This allows us to return a case number back to our customer but it also allows us to have a history of all of our customer requests that can be viewed right from our Accounts screen.

024 - Logging Salesforce Cases using Power Virtual Agents

To see this in action, please check out the following YouTube video. Don’t forget to ‘Like and Subscribe’.


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