Filter Out Internal Emails Using Trigger Conditions

Using filters inside of Power Automate is nothing new. We have built-in features like conditions and the filter action, but what happens if we want to filter out information at source so that we do not process it? For example, we may have an inbox where we receive communication from inside our organization but also from outside. We want to process emails from external parties but ignore, or filter out, emails from internal parties.

We can filter out emails by using the Subject Filter or From fields that are found in our trigger. However, this does not quite address our requirements since we can receive emails from many external parties and do not want to maintain a list of email addresses here. In addition, our Subject may vary so using the Subject Filter will not address our requirements either.

However, we can use Trigger Conditions that give us greater control as we can embed flow expressions in our condition. These expressions are more comprehensive than what we get out of the box in the Outlook Trigger. I have recorded a demo of how we can use Trigger Conditions to filter out internal emails on my YouTube channel. You can check it out below. Don’t forget to ‘Like and Subscribe’.


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