New Power Platform Videos (September 2020 Recap)

I have fallen behind on updating this blog with my recent video contributions on YouTube. In this post I will catch up on some of the videos that have been recently posted. Check them out:

September 3, 2020: 044 – Nested If Statements inside of WinAutomation

In this video, we are going to we are going to explore how we can manage Nested If statements by using an inline expression technique. Not only will this reduce the number of actions in your RPA process, but it will simplify the maintenance of it.

September 6, 2020: 045 – Creating PDF Documents from Excel Worksheets using WinAutomation Part 1

In this video we are going to explore how we can create PDF documents from our Microsoft Excel Worksheets by using WinAutomation.

September 9, 2020: 046 – Merging PDF Documents Using WinAutomation – Part 2

In this video, we are going to pick up where we left off in Part 1 ( and determine how we can export all tabs within an Excel spreadsheet and combine them to form a single PDF document using WinAutomation.

September 13, 2020: 047 – Returning ServiceNow Ticket URLs using Power Automate

In this edition of ‘Ask the Audience’ we are going to explore how we can return a URL to a ServiceNow ticket after we create it using the out of box ServiceNow connector. We will build off of our solution in video 042 – Creating ServiceNow Tickets from Microsoft Teams Message using Power Automate

September 20, 2020: 048 – Using Environment Variables in Solution Packages for Power Automate

In this video we are going to discuss a feature called Environment Variables that allows a Flow maker to create workflow variables that can be used across environments. When this approach is used, a maker can deploy their flow(s) to another environment without needing to update their flow’s configuration to use this environment specific value. In our example, we will discuss how we may need to have different approver’s email addresses in a Dev environment vs a Prod environment.

September 27, 2020: 049 – Power Automate Desktop Unboxing (RPA)

In this video we are going to discuss Microsoft’s latest capabilities in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We will walk through installing the new tool and then discuss how to use the Desktop recorder experience, Inputs/Outputs and also the Microsoft Excel actions.


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