New Power Platform Videos (November 2020 Recap)

Here are the videos that were released on my YouTube channel in the month of November. Don’t for get to like and subscribe!

Troubleshooting Power Automate Desktop – UI Flows

In this video we are going to explore how we can troubleshoot UI Flows that have been created using the new Power Automate Desktop. We are now able to see action by action time durations, input and outputs, all synced up into the cloud with our telemetry found in our API flows.

Wait for Image – Computer Vision in Power Automate Desktop

In this video, we are going to discuss how we can use computer vision to detect objects on a screen. This strategy uses the Wait for Image action and can be useful when underlying access to a document object model isn’t available or the controls that are being rendered on a screen use dynamic properties.

Power Automate Desktop Exception Handling – On Block Error

In this video, we are going to discuss a new exception handling feature found in Power Automate Desktop (November 2020 release) that allows us to group related actions into a block and then manage exceptions more holistically, instead of on a per-action basis.

Smooth Power Automate Deployments with Connection References

In this video we are going to discuss how we can achieve smooth Power Automate deployments by using Connection References. When we use Connection References, we can leverage Managed solutions and avoid updating our flows after deployment.

Sending @Mentions to Microsoft Teams using Power Automate

In this video we are going to discuss how we can send messages to Microsoft Teams and use @mention feature to elevate the importance of our message.

Implementing a Power Virtual Agents Fallback Topic

There are situations when your chatbot may not be able to service a specific request from a user due to no topic being configured to service that request. When organizations have implemented a Live Agent system, this is less of an issue as those requests can be handed off to those people.


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