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You may have recently seen that I have begun my journey as a Udemy instructor. I have plans to continue to develop courses on the platform. As I do so, I want to ensure that people that have been following me on my blogs, twitter and other social platforms have awareness of all my content and have the ability to leverage discount codes that provide consistent savings over the regular price at Udemy. As I continue to introduce new courses, this will be the ‘source of truth’ for a listing of courses and relevant discount codes that work

Course 1: Microsoft Flow vs Azure Logic Apps – >55% Discount Code – $19.99 USD

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing to use Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic Apps. As a result, there are a lot of opinions out there, but not many of them are objective. In this course we will deep dive on the feature sets of both technologies and then provide prescriptive guidance through real-world examples.

What you’ll learn
  • Students will learn about Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps and the differences between the two services.
  • Obtain prescriptive guidance on scenarios where one technology is a better fit over another
  • Understand the different security and governance capabilities in each technology
  • Use this content to make informed decisions on which tool you should use

Course 2: 10 Tips for Building Effective Flows – 30% Discount Code – $13.99 USD

Jon Levesque and I have co-presented at several events in the past including Ignite, Business Application Summit, Ready and Microsoft Build in addition to recording several YouTube videos like Hot Dog/Not Hot DogAutomating Your Customer Service and Dude Where’s My Car to name a few. Jon was recently visiting Calgary so we took an opportunity to record some segments for the course.

The outcome is we have a course that helps beginners learn some essential tips that will make them more productive, their flows will become more maintainable and more reliable.

Course 3: 10 Advanced Tips for Building Effective Flows ~ 30% Discount Code – $13.99

We are back at it again! Jon Levesque and I have continued down our Flow learning journey and are bringing you 10 Advanced Tips for Building Effective Flows. If you have prior experience with Microsoft Flow and are looking for more. This course is for you!

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